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Just Vote

The plethora of published pleadings by the pundits of the various parties and the candidates running for election in Southampton Town has totally overrun the capability of the average reader to adequately read and understand.

Thus, I submit this short note:

First, there is no reason for not voting. Get the heck out there and participate in your democratic process. Leaving voting to others can never yield a satisfactory result. If you need to register, go to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles website and do so immediately.

Second, who to vote for? I think you should consider who the candidates are and what they have done to date.

For example, all the Democratic candidates for Town Board have either advanced academic degrees or a bachelor’s degree in an academically challenging discipline. All the Democratic candidates have proven track records of sustained efforts for the people of our town. All have been diligent, honest and persistent in these efforts.

At the town level, national political flavorings are virtually undetectable — thus the only criterion that one should use is who are the best individuals for the job? Period.

Jim McFarlane

Southampton Village