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Justice Not Politics

I had the privilege of serving on the Southampton Town Board from 2001 to 2005, and from that experience I learned a lot about local politics — and a lot more about the wonderful people of this town.

I also had the opportunity and privilege to meet and get to know Judge Barbara Wilson.

Barbara has a no-nonsense approach to the judicial system. She is completely unbiased and fair, but firm in her judgment and honest in her approach.

Barbara embodies all the great things about Southampton. She is quick to help anyone in need, extremely responsible, and totally dedicated to her family and this community. Judge Wilson loves her community and has served as a Southampton Town justice for 24 years. Many of you may know her because she has helped you or someone in your family, steering them in the right direction when they have come to her court.

Judge Wilson has been honored for her outstanding contribution to various mentoring programs and dedication to her work on the various boards that support our community. She was recently honored by her colleagues by being selected as president of the Suffolk County Chapter of the New York State Magistrates Association — a true honor attributed to her by her colleagues.

Like you, I would rather choose a judge than have a political leader make the choice. On Tuesday, June 22, please join me in voting for Barbara Wilson as our Democratic choice for Southampton Town justice. Join me in choosing our justice, and keep the politicians out of our courts.

Dennis Suskind