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Justice Served

I’m often amazed at the moral superiority that Democrats claim for themselves. This self-serving aggrandizing goes hand in hand with the blanket condemnation of Conservative Republicans as racist, homophobic, mouth-breathing, backward hillbillies. Any idiot would know these traits run in both families.

The prosecution of the Trump administration by every Democrat is no secret. They have stood shoulder to shoulder in their “moral” crusade. Unfortunately, if you are a Democrat and still have the power to reason, the spectacle of how unseemly the effort to sabotage this administration has been should truly rock your conviction in your moral superiority.

The malfeasance of the entrapment of three-star General Michael Flynn by the FBI, directly supervised by James Comey, was a deliberate attempt to turn him from a 30-year combat veteran into a small-time crook. They gained access to him under subterfuge only four days after taking office, with the sole intention of tripping him up without a lawyer present. So much for his rights as a citizen, much less as an American hero and patriot.

After finally forcing out the notes on his investigation, the fact was there was nothing to investigate from the beginning. Justice was finally delivered and all charges dropped after a review of this prosecution by a veteran FBI investigator and Justice Department prosecutor saw no crime to pursue.

Democrats, the defenders of everyone else from proprietorial abuse, are apoplectic about justice being served.

James Comey disgraced himself and the FBI. But that wasn’t bad enough. He deliberately and illegally took classified documents from his office, then supplied them to an academic, knowing they would be supplied to The New York Times. These documents included allegations of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians to sway the election. This was designed to force an independent investigation into all things Trump.

The result? The “Mueller Investigation,” which cast dark shadows for two years that were wildly speculated on by the now hopelessly “fake” media. In the end, it was another moral crusade that led nowhere and encumbered our government and president from accomplishing important legislation that still needs attention.

If you can’t stand Trump’s persona, fine. But get off your high horse and weigh his performance, not his personal shortcomings.

Ed Surgan



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