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Kick Ticks Out

In the February 3 edition of The Sag Harbor Express, there was a timely editorial titled “The Real Enemy,” regarding the tick crisis on North Haven and the history of the 4-poster system and its effectiveness over recent years. The closing sentence — “It’s time for a bigger strategic deployment of 4-poster stations to see if this is a health crisis that, with swift action, we actually can eliminate” — was prophetic in that the Village Board was, in fact, working at the time on just such an initiative.

Last week, the Village of North Haven launched “Kick Ticks Out of North Haven,” a two-pronged program focused on dramatically reducing ticks. The first element of the program seeks to expand the Tick Management Program by significantly increasing 4-poster stations.

The past experience with the 4-poster stations on North Haven has proven that they are extremely effective at reducing the tick population. If we are able to strategically deploy up to 25 to 35 stations, we may be able to approach eradication of ticks on North Haven.

However, this goal can only be accomplished with the engagement of the majority of residents returning the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation consent forms to the village.

The second element of the program is the Deer Management Program, which seeks to maintain the size of the deer population at healthy levels through our professionally managed and vetted huntsmen.

The Village Board is asking all residents of North Haven to participate in the efforts to “Kick Ticks Out of North Haven” to reduce ticks, and tick-borne disease, which are an ever-growing threat to our community, our way of life, our health and the health of our pets, by visiting the village website at for more information and to sign the consent forms.

Together, we can “Kick Ticks Out of North Haven.”

Claas Abraham

Terie Diat


North Haven Village