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Kings And Queens

So much is being said lately about the repulsive history of slavery and racism regarding Black people, most of which “historians” and “overseers” have hidden, erased or diluted.

But there is a phenomenal history of our people that existed before the ripping away and raping of a our people — a royal history that seems to be cast aside, completely avoided. We saw the first real glimpse of the origin of our royalty depicted in the Oscar-winning film “Black Panther.” (I encourage you to watch.)

Spending time in the Caribbean has been a cultural delight. I’m among a people who not only know their royal history but promote and display it. In some settings, I’m called “Queen Brenda,” and the men are called kings. These names are a term of endearment, respect and encouragement.

This, unfortunately, seemed a bit strange to me at first, because of little to no connection to or education of Black royalty here in the Western world. The words seem nothing more than platitudes. Usually, the only view of Black royalty comes from over 4000 years ago, in Ancient Egypt and Nubia.

There were many African kings and queens. I’ll just name two:

Endubis, of Axum (Ethiopia), a powerful northeast African empire, rose to power after the decline of Ancient Egypt and Nubia. Credited with conquering and bringing the ultimate end of the kingdom of ancient Meroe (Nubia). Endubis was the first king of Ancient Africa to mint coinage, and following Endubis all Axumite (Ethiopian) emperors minted their own coinage.

Musa Keita I was the 10th Musa of the Mansa Dynasty. Under his rule, Mali became one of the wealthiest countries in the world. From their gold and salt production, agriculture and imperialistic nature and dynamic trade location, the kingdom flourished. Forbes named him the richest man of all time.

So, again, so much of our history starts from a position of an oppressed people, with a lifetime of “brainwashed history” of lies that we as a people were less than human! Darwin and other scientists spent their lifetime perpetrating these lies, convincing the world that the cruel treatment of a 3/5 human being was justified — justified to be beaten, lynched, used and deemed as mere cattle, raped, refused housing and a decent education, and facing discrimination backed by laws and legislation that began with the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

I know many your toes and fists might be curling in anger. These facts are uncomfortable to read and absorb. But I’m hoping and believing that some reading this will embrace and continue your search for the truth.

We come from a royal legacy of kings and queens. Wakanda forever!

Brenda Simmons

Executive Director

Southampton African American Museum

Southampton Village


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