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Knowledge And Ideas

I am running for Southampton Town highway superintendent, and here’s why.

The highway superintendent is responsible for the maintenance of our town roads. That means keeping the roads clear of leaves, litter and debris. It also means ensuring they are maintained in a state of good repair. I have the management experience and skills to work with our Highway Department staff and contractors to fulfill these responsibilities.

At this critical time, however, the highway superintendent needs to take a more proactive role in improving our entire road and transportation network. As an elected official, I will work with others to advocate for traffic flow improvements on state and county roads. Improving traffic flow on those roads will reduce the pressure (volume) on town roads. Short-term ideas, such as blinking signals at key intersections, coupled with long-term plans, such as roundabouts, improved traffic signal and lane management technology, will go a long way toward achieving this goal.

I also will collaborate with other elected officials and agencies to continue to improve our public transportation options, such as expanding the South Fork Commuter Connection service and the innovative Suffolk County “On Demand” shuttle bus service. Every train or bus user means one less car is on our roads.

A reduction in “through” vehicle traffic “shortcutting” on our town roads will improve our local roads in two ways: It will reduce the wear and tear on our infrastructure and allow us to focus on local road improvements geared to walkers and bicyclists.

I urge all voters to look at my qualifications and those of my opponent. If you do, I believe you will agree I have the knowledge, experience and ideas needed to be our next town highway superintendent.

I ask that you vote for me on Election Day, November 2.

Tom Neely

Sag Harbor