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LaLota Gets Vote

After watching the debate between 1st District congressional candidates Bridget Fleming and Nick LaLota [“Video: Express News Group Hosts 1st Congressional District Debate,”, October 29], it is clear what we voters of Suffolk County have before us.

On the left, we have elitist liberal Democrat Fleming. On the right, we have an Annapolis graduate who risked his life to protect us all: real world experienced, pragmatic public servant Nick LaLota.

LaLota will allow the free market to lift our economy. Destructive inflation will recede and rejuvenate our economy. He will respect the American people’s ability to decide what’s best for our lives.

Republican candidate Nick LaLota is clearly the best choice for Long Island and for America. LaLota has my vote and the vote of many moderate Democrats that I know. I occasionally vote for a Democratic candidate. Not this time.

As our next member of Congress, Nick will fight once again for our families on Long Island. Nick will never forget that he is there to serve us, not to create a nanny state. Not to force us into lockdowns at the next whiff of a COVID variant.

Either way, best wishes to all. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Rose Jennings