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Lasting Legacy

The Parrish Art Museum celebrates the life of Peter Pantaleo, a dear friend and colleague who passed away on November 17.

Pete worked at museums across Long Island and beyond, often called upon for special projects nationwide for his expertise in mounting-making for artifacts. He was the first preparator for the Parrish, starting his career 50 years ago at the museum’s previous location on Jobs Lane.

Pete was a mentor to me and so many others, giving us the knowledge, skills and tools for successful professional careers. His skill set was infinite, and he enjoyed sharing his knowledge with everyone. In truth, he established an entire network of preparators on Long Island.

As the Parrish envisioned a new facility to accommodate its expanding collection of artwork, Pete worked very closely with the museum staff, architects, designers and builders throughout the planning process. His insight and decades of knowledge and experience were critical to the process.

There is a description of what Pete meant to all who knew him. It’s the definition of career legacy: a reputation that you leave behind. It shows that you had an impact on the people and organization(s) you worked with and that your effect was meaningful to others.

Let’s celebrate Pete and all he did for museums across Long Island and beyond.

Robin Klopfer


Klopfer is a preparator for the Parrish Art Museum — Ed.