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Law and Order

Bridget Fleming started her career as a prosecutor in New York City. She worked a tough beat: sex crimes/rape.

She has a long, consistent track record of supporting the police, who work hard to protect us and keep us safe. The law enforcement community has rewarded Bridget with their endorsements (Police Conference of New York, Southampton Town Benevolent Association, Suffolk County Benevolent Association). The cops love Bridget because she has their backs.

By the way, Bridget held the line on taxes (while keeping the police force strong) and the Town of Southampton achieved a AAA bond rating when she was on the Town Council.

In stark contrast, her Republican opponent, Nick LaLota, tried to defund and even abolish the Amityville Police Department when he was a budget officer. Under the guise of fiscal restraint, he proposed draconian staffing cuts and pay cuts to the police force, which would have had serious negative impacts on the Amityville community. The cops in Amityville probably wouldn’t elect him for dog catcher after he stabbed them in the back.

Ironically, his other proposals would have increased taxes on the Amityville residents by 11 percent.

LaLota has proven himself to be an opportunist who makes very bad decisions.

Republicans, dating back to Richard Nixon, have tried to scare the public about crime, and they claim that they are the law and order party that will protect them. Lee Zeldin is playing that card, and he is shamelessly putting out false and misleading attacks against Governor Kathy Hochul. Let’s see if LaLota tries to do the same.

Any fair and honest examination of the facts and history of Fleming and LaLota makes it clear: Bridget Fleming is the only law and order candidate for Congress in New York’s 1st Congressional District.

Play it safe — vote for Bridget Fleming for Congress.

Dick Sheehan

Vero Beach, Florida

Sheehan is a former resident of Westhampton Beach — Ed.