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A Prediction

Patriots don’t need to wrap themselves in the flag; they show it respect and dignity. Don the Con[fidence] Man wraps himself in the flag, kisses it, embraces it like it belongs to him. This traitor is attempting to convince his supporters that he loves America. On the contrary, tearing down America is what he is doing—in line with Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy goals.

Putin has weaponized the Syrian refugees he’s bombing to force their flight to flood Europe, thus destabilizing our allies, while also financially supporting the right-wing nationalist/populist parties rising all over Europe in response to the refugee crisis. Sound familiar?

The Brexit adherents are being financed by Putin. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Russian money and agent provocateurs were stoking the migrant crisis coming from Central America?

If Putin invades the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia—look them up on a map of Europe), will NATO defend its members, or will it be frozen in inaction because Trump is completely unreliable as a partner? Think it can’t happen while we are enmeshed in Trump-created chaos? Think again.

Meanwhile, the GOP is enabling Trump’s treason to such a degree that it is becoming the “Gang Of Putin” and, if they are not careful, they’ll also be known as the “Gang Of Predators.”

Fox (“Fix”) TV operates as a Russian propaganda outlet, passing on Russia’s/Putin’s spin on events in our country, like the DNC hacked the DNC, while they also lavish praise on this traitor who is forever claiming his innocence. If Trump is so innocent, why is his “transparent” administration attempting to prevent the public from learning the truth as to the depth of his conspiring with the Russians to steal the 2016 election and implement Putin’s goals here? Against all odds, look who won—the proof is in the pudding. Vlad has him by the short hairs.

There’s an old tidbit of wisdom we would all do well to keep in mind: “He who doth protest too much is … guilty!”

My prediction: no 2020 election. Trump will find a reason to “indefinitely” postpone the election due to some kind of manufactured crisis.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait very long to see if my cynicism is warranted. Be prepared.

Lance CoreyWesthampton


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