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Been There, Done That

In 1988, the Flanders-Riverside-Northampton section of Southampton Town became the Incorporated Village of Pine Valley. The proponents for an incorporated village wanted to “control their own destiny.”

After two years, it was dissolved.

With the village, taxes increased, because we now had another layer of government to pay for. My taxes increased over $500 a year. We had to rent a village hall, hire a village clerk, pay the mayor of Pine Valley, maintain the roads and numerous other expenses.

There was much discord at meetings before incorporation and while we were incorporated. Southampton Town Police stood guard at our meetings. There were fights among the hierarchy of Pine Valley. One of our politicians received a bloody nose.

After dissolution, everything went back to the way it was before. Southampton Town took us back, no questions asked. Taxes went back to normal.

Mastic Beach, a few years ago, became the Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach. The proponents wanted to “control their own destiny.” From my Pine Valley experience, I advised them not to incorporate.

Two years later, I helped them dissolve their incorporated village. Brookhaven Town took them back, no questions asked.

The people in Town Hall are accommodating. Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and his crew are reasonable people. Problems, or reasons to incorporate, can usually be worked out without taking such a drastic measure as incorporating.

East Quogue, please don’t incorporate—or call me.

Jim DreebenEast Quogue


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