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Lead, Not Stall

I was disappointed to hear of the Southampton Town Board’s decision to extend the battery energy storage systems moratorium a further six months [“Community Concerns Aired at BESS Hearing as Moratorium Is Extended by Southampton Town Board,” 27east.com, February 20].

In August, Citizens Campaign for the Environment supported the first six-month moratorium, with the idea that the town needed time to craft siting ordinances and become more informed about battery storage technology.

However, it is six months later, and they’re just now hiring a consultant to explore the issue. It’s important to ensure that projects are developed safely and responsibly; it’s also important to make progress toward solutions, rather than kicking the can down the road repeatedly.

Energy storage systems are a necessity for a cleaner, smarter grid. The future of America’s energy production is renewables, like solar and wind. But the sun doesn’t shine at night, and the wind doesn’t blow all the time, so battery storage lets us store energy when extra is being produced and use it when we need it.

If we want a clean grid that draws energy from the wind and sun when it’s available and delivers that electricity when it’s needed, that means battery storage needs to be part of our energy transition.

Southampton Town should lead, not stall, on this critical issue.

Adrienne Esposito

Executive Director

Citizens Campaign for the Environment