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Leadership Matters

I highly recommend that anyone eligible to vote in the June 16 election for Southampton Village mayor and village trustees get access to the virtual debate sponsored by The Express News Group, which was held last Thursday, June 1 [“Watch: Southampton Village 2023 Trustee and Mayoral Debates,” 27east.com, June 1]. It was extremely informative. You can listen while you are exercising or making dinner — you don’t even have to watch the screen.

It’s easy to form an opinion about how to vote based on what we read or hear from our friends and neighbors. But listening to the candidates actually speak and explain themselves may change your mind.

It did for me, in the case of Palmer Hudson, who is running as a candidate for village trustee. I had decided I wasn’t voting for him, purely based on his age — he’s in his early 20s. However, my attitude was completely reversed after listening to him speak eloquently and clearly as he explained how his computer science background will be an asset in his role as village trustee.

Likewise, with Jesse Warren. While I have been a supporter of Jesse in the past, I was having doubts. Listening to him answering questions about his four years as mayor of Southampton Village reminded me how he has gotten things done that were sorely neglected by previous administrations. Things that are in keeping with my values. I now feel I want to give him an opportunity to continue the work he started and will vote for him on June 16.

In this village election, you are not voting for parties — you are voting for people. So listen to the candidates and see who speaks to your values.

The important thing is that you vote. Voting is no longer a privilege in our country — it is a responsibility and a necessity. While it may feel good in the moment to vote from a place of anger or annoyance, it is far better to vote as an informed member of a community and country that we love.

Leadership matters, and who we elect in any leadership role is a crucial responsibility for all of us today more than ever before.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village