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Learn Shellfishing Laws

Is being a resident really enough?

Upon proof of residency, Southampton Town issues shellfish licenses to all applicants.

Crabbing last week, a father and son reacquainted me to the joy of parenthood. The young boy screaming as eels and other fish swam around the child’s legs. Outings like these are rare and memorable.

Upon leaving, I asked how they did. Looking into their catch — males, females, mostly undersized and illegally taken — made me think: Would any dad knowingly take these illegal crabs, with or without his son, if he knew better?

Shotgun licenses are not issued without first passing a hunter safety course. Why not shellfish as well? Being able to identify males versus protected female crabs. Size restrictions. Which clamming waters are open, closed, restricted, size and quantities need to be known. Reasons for these laws explained.

Take a course, offered at opportune times for both instructors and applicants. Let’s protect these species to be enjoyed, by both present and future generations. Preserved for the long term.

Laws vary elsewhere. To harvest shellfish in Southampton Town waters, follow our laws.

Attend the course, you’re welcome to a license. Education is priceless.

Timothy Mahoney