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Learned From the Best

Congratulations to Mark Schulte [“Making a Village,” Letters, February 23] for his excellent and historically accurate Letter to the Editor concerning our Quogue Village’s recent and rare bond rating elevation to AAA status.

Many wise decisions were made over the past close to 100-year period, starting with the very wise decision in 1928 to incorporate, thereby placing us in a strong position to determine our own destiny.

Thank you, Sherman Joost, for taking that bold first step, and thank you to the others who followed in his footsteps, most of whom I had the distinct pleasure to meet and get to know during my lifetime in our village, most especially Harvey Cooley, Malcolm McLean, Decker Orr, and, of course, the late and great Thelma Georgeson.

I learned a great deal from every one of them and owe any successes I had during my four terms of mayor to them, pure and simple.

George Motz