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Legitimate Concerns

I must take issue with Michael Daly’s Viewpoint column of November 24 [“After the CHF? Just Get Out of the Way”]. To simply say “get out of the way” to those who voted against the Community Housing Fund referendum shows an incredible level of arrogance and chutzpah.

Daly dismisses the 47 percent of the town population who voted “no” as self-serving, selfish NIMBYs who oppose affordable housing projects in their backyards. Nothing can be further from the truth.

I wrote a number of letters to The Press questioning parts of the CHF referendum proposal. I specifically questioned the composition of the so-called “advisory” committees. They are to be composed of representatives of banking, housing advocates, real estate (of which Daly is a member, as I understand it) and other public housing spokespeople. Painfully missing is John and Jane Public, who just might want to express their opinions other than with the three-minute limit at public hearings. (I also wish to point out that I thought mortgage and down payment assistance to first-time town resident buyers was a great concept.)

There is great mistrust of government out there, and I think many of the “no” voters felt the information being provided was insufficient to vote “yes.” I also feel that many voters felt that once the revenue starts to accumulate in the CHF, the impetus to spend and build housing whether or not it is needed will be overwhelming.

Fifty-three percent is not an overwhelming majority, Mr. Daly. And to dismiss the other 47 percent as negative naysayers who’d better get out of the way might come back to haunt you.

Forest Markowitz

Westhampton Beach