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Let’s Discuss

Ed Surgan states that Republicans became more conservative thanks to the efforts of Rush Limbaugh [“A Hard Look,” Letters, February 13]. I would like to make two points.

First, I would urge readers to Google “Rush Limbaugh’s Greatest Hits.” Click on a couple of the top links and listen. Then decide if you think Mr. Limbaugh should be a spokesman for any political movement. Or if he should have been honored with a medal previously given to the likes of Colin Powell, Rosa Parks, Rachel Carson and Mother Teresa.

Second, I would like to point out that in their unwavering support of President Trump, conservatives have abandoned their own core values. They used to be concerned about budget deficits and the national debt. However, the budget deficit has exploded past $1 trillion dollars under Trump, up from less than $600 billion in Obama’s last year. Reaction from conservatives? Total silence.

Conservatives used to stand for the Constitution and the rule of law. We now have a president whose interference in matters currently being handled by the Justice Department has led to the resignation of four top litigators in the Roger Stone case, as well as condemnation by over two thousand former prosecutors, from both parties. Conservatives seem to be okay with the fact that our justice system is being used to punish enemies and reward friends. Just like they do in so-called “banana republics.”

They are equally acquiescent in the president’s total disregard for the constitutionally mandated separation of powers. Congress appropriates funds. The Executive Branch cannot take those funds and spend them as it wishes — as in taking money from the military to build a border wall.

What is missing from Mr. Surgan’s letter is any discussion of actual policy matters that affect working Americans. No mention of health care. Drugs that cost $8 in Australia cost $2,000 America. Nearly 60 percent of American bankruptcies are due to medical emergencies. Thousands of Americans die prematurely each year due to lack of health care. Any thoughts, Mr. Surgan?

No mention of campaign finance reform, either. Mr. Trump hosted a fundraiser this week at which the price of admission was close to a half million dollars per couple. Politicians of both parties spend an inordinate amount of their time soliciting money from lobbyists and wealthy contributors. Does Mr. Surgan have any ideas as to how to end this legalized bribery?

I hope that, in his next letter, Mr. Surgan can address these and other issues instead of whining about the “liberal media” and arguing about the name of my party. Then we can have a real debate.

P.S. I am not a member of the Southampton Democratic Committee. I apologize for any confusion in this regard.

John Neely

Westhampton Beach


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