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Let’s Keep Hochul

Between the pandemic, the precarious economy and the crisis of democracy, New Yorkers are living through unprecedented times. Governor Kathy Hochul has proven willing not only to meet the moment time and again, but she has responded to the people of New York equitably.

Opponents of Hochul usually begin by picking apart her previous COVID policies. However, looking at how she really handled things, we see how she listened to everyone, even her critics. She sought out medical experts, teachers, parents, and even students throughout the pandemic by weighing their concerns and doing her due diligence. And in response to their collective input, Hochul made adjustments that reflected the interest of all of them, while also being guided by public health needs.

Likewise, as New York drivers lamented conditions on the Long Island Expressway, Hochul fought for federal dollars and worked to fix the highway section by section. When New York families began struggling with their day-to-day expenses because of inflation, she took swift action and provided the right government response to halt the gas tax.

Republican opponents of Hochul may have a lot to say, but they would do some good reexamining Gov. Hochul’s record. They should start by exploring her efforts when she served in Congress. She was one of few Democrats to call out the outsourcing of jobs. In fact, Hochul said, “We saw what happened with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); the promises never materialized.”

While Trump and his followers talked a big game about reversing the offshoring of jobs, Hochul was already doing the work, fighting against powerful corporate interests responsible for the mass exodus of domestic manufacturing. As governor, she began working immediately to bring good-paying jobs to our region and keep jobs here in the state.

Congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden have also proven the same through their recent actions at the federal level. The passage of the CHIPS Act, for example, will greatly benefit our local economy, bring manufacturing, jobs and funding back to Long Island, and help keep workers in our state.

Gov. Hochul’s collaborative and democratic approach is what New Yorkers need. Let’s continue to keep jobs in New York. Let’s continue to keep Hochul as governor.

Michael Anthony Iasilli

Sag Harbor