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Let’s Keep Talking

I first would like to commend and thank the Express News Group for sharing with us so many informative “Virtual Sessions” on Zoom. I recently viewed the latest Virtual Session [“Shinnecock Look To Past, Future,” September 3].

Secondly, I commend Bryan Polite, Becky Genia and all the members of the Shinnecock Nation for such an informative and heartfelt session.

We will all miss the Powwow. But you all enjoy the “Family Nation.” Next year, big 75th celebration!

Upon watching this session, I felt a strong sense of connection that “we” have always had. Like the Shinnecock Nation, we too identify with the “struggle,” “resilience” and “pride” of a people who live in “Da Hamptons” who, for the most part, had been overlooked, ignored and even dismissed as being a contributor to the economic wealth of this country.

The Shinnecock Nation, with open arms, welcomed white people. Only to have them tie up their hands of progress. Taking their land. Taking advantage of their sincere kindness.

And we, as Black people, were “shipped” here to build the economic wealth of “This America.” But, like the Nation, never really benefiting or even truly acknowledged or compensated.

Instead, to this very day, in comparison to our surrounding wealth, fought to just be given a few crumbs to satisfy. Deprived, denied, humiliated and, in 2020, publicly lynched.

But many might feel it seems to be okay. Because, after all, there are quite a few Black athletes and Black actors and millionaires who are on the scene and doing very well. Reparations?

And, folks, here we are, 2020. “Twilight Zone”? “Covid-19 lockdown.” Eyewitness murder. “BLM protest.” Is it the color of Black, Blue, White? We all bleed Red. We are all entitled to express our “experience,” “beliefs” and what’s in your heart.

We are all human beings, deserving to be human. “

We are ALL HUMAN BEING deserving to BE HUMAN. “Tikkun olam.”

Let’s continue “The Conversation.”

Brenda Simmons

Southampton Village


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