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Let’s Not Drone On

It’s kind of funny, but also kind of sad.

I’d like to thank “Hunter” for the beautiful overhead shot of our new home, which we wouldn’t have without his having spent time sending a drone to our yard and using privacy-violating tactics to photograph and post blatantly incorrect information to social media.

“Hunter” might want to see an ophthalmologist. What is circled in his posts and claimed as “pool equipment outside the required setbacks” is really the ugly required mounting wall and concrete pad for our natural gas meter, installed, to code, by National Grid. But that’s a fact — and “Hunter” never lets facts get in the way.

Yes, the same people who gave us the misogynistic “Don’t Be Bob” ads in the last election are back, this time as “Hunter,” flooding SeeClickFix and Instagram with incorrect, inflammatory posts in an obvious attempt to use false rhetoric to affect the Southampton Village election.

SeeClickFix is a great resource, which has allowed direct immediate communication to village departments for all of us. Seeing it weaponized as a political tool by a handful of disgruntled people is simply sad. But I guess that when one can’t fight the record, one attempts to trash the people running.

It’s my sincere hope that the people who comprised the overwhelming majority in last year’s election and brought us the current administration — and rejected those associated with the relentless onslaught of vitriolic phone messages and slew of offensive ads — will return to the polls on Friday, June 17. And that they will vote to reelect Gina Arresta, who has worked hard for our village, as a team player, to lower our property taxes, improve our infrastructure, open Moses Park and promote transparency.

Mark McIntire

Southampton Village