Liberty Gardens Lies - 27 East


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Liberty Gardens Lies

I attended Ralph Fasano’s first meeting at Rogers Memorial Library when he proposed this housing. He did, in fact, state that this was affordable rentals for the working class.

I questioned him at that time about the entrance/exit at the proposed site. He stated that would be no problem, he could get a light there. I, along with other attendees, questioned that, because I live in a community that has the same situation, with no light and plenty of accidents.

Mr. Fasano is quoted in The Southampton Press, January 26, saying that the town accepted his application knowing that the only entrance/exit would be County Road 39 [“Biased Reporting,” Letters, January 26]. What he presented to the town and to the locals are two different stories. There seems to be a lot of inaccuracies.

This should not be approved, especially knowing the dangers of County Road 39 and the accidents that will occur.

Elaine Bodtmann