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Libraries Are For Books

Apparently, Jennifer Glass took my criticism of the John Jermain Memorial Library and twisted it to her version [“Parallel Universe,” Letters, October 14]. But let me set the record straight on her “parallel universe.”

First of all, our library had extended shutdowns when both the East Hampton Library and the Southampton library were open. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has no mask mandates currently for libraries but just suggests that people wear masks. Not a mandate.

You assume that I don’t know how library budgets work, Ms. Glass, but do library budgets usually assume that only 6 percent actually goes for materials?

I’m glad you were able to Zumba and do yoga, Ms. Glass, but should taxpayers pay for your recreation? I think joining a private gym is more appropriate. I’m a member of the Sag Harbor Gym, where I pay a fee to partake in such exercise. Taxpayers should help pay for Zumba and yoga? Seriously, my $600 tax bill should pay for individual recreation?

Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for what private enterprise provides, otherwise we are down a slippery slope, Ms. Glass.

My guess, Ms. Glass, is that you really don’t utilize the actual library, for if you did you would see that they removed seating and took the actual ambiance away from the library to keep us all safe, and yet both East Hampton and Southampton did not. Why is that, Ms. Glass?

I’m glad you pointed out, Ms. Glass, that lending of books is not really important. Because, after all, who would expect that books should be that important to a library. Clearly, online Zumba and yoga is the essence of the new library, and the taxpayers should feel lucky to have such privileges.

Clearly, the disconnect from private to public access has never been more clear in Ms. Glass’s interpretation of what a library is. For me, taxpayers shouldn’t pay for what is available in the private sector. But what do I know? I thought libraries were about the availability of reading material and antiquities.

Thank you, Ms. Glass, for pointing out the value of Zumba and yoga provided by our taxpaying dollars. Who knew?

Thomas M. Jones

Sag Harbor