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Lies And Subterfuge

This week has contained enough news to make all of our heads spin.

First, let us be clear that Donald Trump carted away hundreds of documents from the White House that do not belong to him. He then avoided/ignored/obstructed the FBI from retrieving those documents, even when the National Archives, the White House lawyers and the FBI all made it clear that any such documents were to be returned to the National Archives, as they belong to the American people.

Any other characterization is simply subterfuge or outright lying. The only question to be answered is what his motives were.

I am appalled that I should have to say this, but these unreturned documents (many of which were top secret, confidential or classified) cannot be compared to unreturned library books, as Trump’s lawyer would have you believe. More subterfuge or outright lying, if you ask me.

Then Lindsey Graham piped up with a threat of violence typical of the MAGA Republicans, warning that there would be “violence in the streets” if the Justice Department would dare to indict Donald Trump for his actions. Actions, if committed by anyone else in government, would have assured that they would be in jail by now.

Then there are those who thought Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday was divisive. Did it have political overtones? Without question. Was he being brutally honest? Absolutely. For Republicans to accuse a Democrat of being divisive is almost laughable, given what Donald Trump has done to this country since he came onto the political scene in 2015.

All this leads me to one conclusion. While I am not in favor of every single thing that Democrats stand for, or how they act, I will vote for them. Because, nowadays, Republicans, very simply, scare me.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village