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Life Is Beautiful

“Tilting at Windmills: I Know What Moms Want” [Opinion, May 2] focuses on Mother’s Day. In it, the author states, “Moms also want access to unimpeded health care, including abortion.”

A new, unique human being is created when sperm and egg join to form a zygote, which rapidly develops such that a heartbeat is detected five weeks after conception. At eight weeks, the baby’s fingers and toes separate and wiggle, and by 10 weeks there are fingernails and toenails.

That’s a ton of incredible, intricate development happening in a short span of time. Life is beautiful.

Tracy Grathwohl also says, “There are too many moms who have to figure out how to get enough food on the table.” Tracy has wonderful intentions and a beautiful heart. And I agree that we, as a society, must support women having babies, including both women raising their kids and those who release them for adoption.

Where I disagree is with her conviction that we as a society must sanction the killing of human beings in the womb (legal through all nine months in New York and several other states).

The abortion debate must hinge on the sanctioning of killing innocent human beings. The Declaration of Independence tells us that it is self-evident that all human beings have certain inalienable rights, including the right to life. By this measure, and by many measures, killing an innocent human being is wrong. But does our society today even care about right vs. wrong? And if it doesn’t care, has that made things better for us as a society or worse?

We simply cannot build a just society on the bones of dead babies.

Celeste Cole