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Like A Nightmare

Is it true that North Haven is about to expand its clearing code [“Opposition Stalls Vote By North Haven Board To Ease Clearing Code,”, April 30]?

As an artist and resident of North Haven, I love the quiet streets where we can walk our dogs, meet neighbors and enjoy nature. There is something special about North Haven, something spiritual in its wildness. North Haven has an eclectic mix of trees — cedars, cherry, sassafras, oak, as well as wetland marshes that branch into every neighborhood.

I cannot imagine soon having cleared lawns on each side of the road, with volume maximizing new construction, instead of the peaceful nature we once had.

It seems like a nightmare where North Haven slides into looking like every other American suburb. Why can’t North Haven be different, more in harmony with nature?

Who is deciding North Haven’s future? Is it the real estate industry, or is it those with their roots in the community? Why is this happening to our oasis?

Stephanie Joyce

North Haven