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Line Items

The new Highway Department administration, which has been in operation since January 1, 2022, has been fully committed to providing the best possible services for all residents of the Town of Southampton. The department has made significant efforts in ensuring efficient snow removal, continuing the leaf removal program and maintaining regular grass cutting. These tasks are readily visible to the community, as the department can be observed working on them diligently every day.

In an effort to further enhance efficiency and convenience, the department has introduced an online service for residents to submit their requests. This online platform allows residents to easily report issues or concerns related to road maintenance, such as potholes or damaged signs. By streamlining the reporting process, the department can quickly address these concerns and ensure a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for the community.

The department has taken a proactive approach to address the issue of slow vendor response by establishing in-house tree and drainage units. By forming these units, the department aims to ensure faster response times and enhance oversight.

Currently, the department is facing an overwhelming number of calls regarding dead trees. Furthermore, the department is grappling with the challenges posed by the wettest season in recent history. As a result, drainage and flood management have become the primary concerns for the Highway Department.

To effectively handle these issues, the Highway Department recognizes the importance of acquiring the right equipment and maintaining appropriate staffing levels. By doing so, they aim to enhance their ability to respond quickly and efficiently to tree-related calls, as well as address the drainage and flood concerns that have arisen due to the unprecedented rainfall.

The formation of the in-house tree and drainage units reflects a commitment to improving response times and ensuring effective oversight. With the purchase of suitable equipment and the appropriate allocation of resources, the department seeks to address the challenges posed by dead trees and the flooding problems.

The most visible tasks of the department are their initiatives with traffic. The department has been committed and will continue to staff these very crucial locations to help the traffic move. The department has plans for an afternoon westbound traffic pattern, which will help the flow of traffic, too.

But all of the tasks listed above must be funded by the Town of Southampton during the budget process. As the town supervisor prepares for 2024, please contact him and ensure the department receives all of the financial assistance needed to continue on its course to better the quality of the life in the Town of Southampton. If the funding is not complete, the tree unit, drainage unit and the cone program will be greatly affected.

Charlie McArdle

Highway Superintendent

Town of Southampton