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Choose Wisely

Choose WiselyGeorge Orwell called it “Newspeak”: Encouraging participation in the democratic process actually undermines it in Bridget Fleming’s America …

In the realm of “you cannot make this stuff up,” Bridget stated that I was “undermining the democratic process” by filing petitions for an opportunity to ballot as a write-in for the Independence Party primary. What can be more democratic than letting the Independence voters decide at the ballot box who the candidate should be?

What she should be saying is that I was trying to undermine the Democratic Party—who had made deals with party leaders for the Independence Party line.

The truth is, I was trying to open up the democratic process and, unfortunately, came up a few signatures short of the necessary 132 needed, having collected 172 signatures in total. Twenty voters had already signed in support of Bridget Fleming; two turned out to be registered Republicans; one voter lives in Manorville; and 22 registered voters are actually “blank,” meaning not affiliated, not Independence Party voters. That was five short of the necessary 132.

Meanwhile, Southampton Town Democratic Party Leader Gordon Herr has 100 questionable signatures on his Independence petitions for a primary for receiver of taxes—more than half of the voter signatures that he submitted—and had that petition been objected to on the basis of duplicates and other errors, it likely would have been invalidated to not meet the necessary signature count.

Apparently, the Democrats think “the rules” do not apply to them and their notaries used to collect signatures, who are employed in county jobs—many, like Gordon Herr, at the Board of Elections. Ah, the political games that they play …

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is regrettable that Fleming chose to litigate a write-in box away from the people, her cronies winning the battle in the courtroom over 20 duplicate Independence voter signatures, where the true intent of those voters is undoubtedly because they desire choice at the ballot box. What is she afraid of? Democracy? It would have only been a little box labeled “write-in” added to the Independence primary ballot on June 25.

Bridget Fleming and political operatives in the Southampton Town Democratic Party are claiming victory over duplicate signatures while disenfranchising voters who believe in choice.

It is time for the people to rise up on Election Day, November 5, and choose wisely who will best serve the taxpayers with honor, integrity, fiscal responsibility and community-minded professionalism. Voters can find my name on the Republican and Conservative lines on the general election ballot, and I hope to earn their vote of confidence for the office of Suffolk County legislator.

Linda KabotQuogueMs. Kabot is a candidate for Suffolk County legislator in the 2nd Legislative District—Ed.


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