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Let’s Find Another Way

Let’s Find Another WayLocal community members and organizations are quite concerned regarding the Shinnecock Nation’s electronic billboard project underway on Sunrise Highway. We understand the Shinnecock Nation’s desire to seek economic development opportunities for their community but are perplexed at this project’s choice as a linchpin for economic advancement.

What makes the South Fork so unique is its habitat. The beauty that surrounds us differentiates us from urban and suburban communities to the west. Town, state, county and local community efforts over the last 50 years have sought to protect the region’s environment against market forces looking to develop unprotected land.

Laws have been enacted that limit light pollution, with the Dark Skies initiative; initiated a 30-year ban on highway billboards to abate blight and improve road safety; allow the purchase and preservation of open space with CPF funds; and limit the height, density and scale of buildings.

The proposed billboard is in direct contradiction to all these initiatives and desecrates the concept of maintaining harmony with nature. Its construction breaks the ban on highway billboards and, at six stories, violates the two-story limit on structures. It will be a potential safety hazard during storms and a distraction to drivers.

The illumination from its LED display will be a Las Vegas-style visual blight. It will disrupt the circadian rhythms of animal and human alike, and destroys the Dark Skies initiative. An out-of-town media company will be enriched, while the local community is violated.

It is our hope that another pathway can be found to address the economic development needs of the Shinnecock Nation. The community would like to partner with the Shinnecock Nation to develop more harmonious initiatives that would enhance the Shinnecock Nation’s economic base and celebrate the commonality of our interests.

Janice LandisVice President

Hampton Bays Community AssociationThis letter is also signed by members of the Hampton Bays Community Association Board of Directors—Ed.


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