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Deserves A New Term

Michael Irving deserves to be elected to a second term as mayor of the Village of Southampton. His dedication, hard work and many accomplishments during his first two years in office show that he’s the right choice to help the village navigate the challenges it will face in the coming years.

During his first two years as our mayor, Michael Irving has made great progress in five main areas of concern: zoning, the environment, village governance and administration, beach access, and quality of life issues.

Our zoning code has been revised to reduce the size of houses that may be built in residential areas, to expand the pyramid law to all properties, and to address side lots and flat roofs.

Mr. Irving’s environmental initiatives included completing a four-phase project to capture stormwater runoff, requiring that I/A septic systems be installed in connection with new construction of properties fronting on Lake Agawam, and establishing a comprehensive plan for surface water management.

His achievements in village governance and administration include reconstituting the Village Ethics Board, significantly reducing the cost of the new ambulance barn, and successfully lowering the rate of increase in salaries under the village’s labor contracts. The dollar savings to the village’s taxpayers from these latter two efforts are likely to be very substantial.

Mr. Irving also consolidated the village’s several outstanding bond issues into a single loan, which he guided to AAA credit rating from Standard & Poors. (Southampton is the only village on the East End to have a AAA rating.)

Mr. Irving has resolved a long-festering dispute with the Southampton Town Trustees over access to the beach from “lettered roads,” and he formed an ocean rescue squad to be the first responders to emergency situations in the sea.

The quality of life issues he has addressed include restricting the use of gas-powered leaf blowers, expanding no parking areas and strengthening noise violation regulations. In addition, he has spearheaded the acquisition of 11 acres along Moses Lane, 3 acres along Lake Agawam and the 3-acre Pyrrhus Concer property, all of which will ultimately become village parks.

Mr. Irving and his wife, Ellen, have deep roots in our community. They have owned the same home in the village for over 35 years, and they sent their two children to Southampton public schools. He has served as chair of the Village Planning Board and as a village trustee before becoming our mayor two years ago.

He has the experience, record and integrity that we need in a mayor, and I hope you will vote for him.

Craigh LeonardSouthampton


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