Local Doctors Save Sight On Nepal Mission - 27 East

Local Doctors Save Sight On Nepal Mission

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An "Untouchable" thanking Dr. Christopher Teng for the success of her surgery.

Dr. Teng post-examination of

Dr. Teng post-examination of "Untouchable".

Surgery in progress.

Surgery in progress.

Entrance to the Himalayan Eye Hospital with the welcome banner.

Entrance to the Himalayan Eye Hospital with the welcome banner.

A young boy recuperating after surgery performed by Doctors Kedhar and Aljian.

A young boy recuperating after surgery performed by Doctors Kedhar and Aljian.

Dr. Kedhar during post-op examination.

Dr. Kedhar during post-op examination.

authorcolleen reynolds on Dec 13, 2011
Amid a backdrop of a glassy lake and mountain peaks buffeted by Himalayan winds, a team of doctors on a recent medical mission to Nepal was treated to plenty of... more

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