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Local Matters

So, here it is, 2021, with a local election set for November 2. But it’s an off year, right? And it’s just a local election, right? So, who cares?

That’s what you hear around Southampton and all over, in every odd-numbered year, when we elect the people who will run our towns and counties — and it’s so disappointing, because it’s so very misguided. (I’m trying hard to use restrained language here.) This dismissive attitude toward local races is just plain wrong, for two compelling reasons.

The first reason is that local matters are the ones that affect us most immediately and directly. Think about real estate taxes, water quality, zoning, police and fire protection. You don’t care about these things? Sure you do. So you don’t want to ignore local elections, because that’s where this stuff gets decided.

The second reason is that your vote counts for so much more in local contests. Because so many people fail to vote in these races, only a few voters get to decide about taxes, water quality, etc. It would be demonstrably smart to be one of those few. It’s like multiplying your effectiveness by using a power tool instead of a hand tool.

Now, it’s my belief that Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman’s team has done a great job on our fiscal integrity, water quality, public safety, holding taxes down, and boosting our economy by protecting our environment. I think that we’ll have continued success with Supervisor Schneiderman and the whole slate of Tommy John Schiavoni and Robin Long for Town Council, Tom Neely for highway superintendent, and the rest of the great candidates on Row A.

My father used to say, “Nothing succeeds like success,” and he had it right. We’d be crazy not to back an outfit with an excellent track record like our present town administration.

But that’s just my opinion. The real point is, don’t ignore this very important local election. Don’t pass on the chance to have your vote count for many times what it will in 2022 or 2024.

Get out there and vote. Early voting begins on October 23, and Election Day is November 2.

George Lynch


Mr. Lynch is treasurer of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee — Ed.