Local Speedway - 27 East


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Local Speedway

I am writing to you to express my deep concern over the lack of enforcement of speed limits in Southampton, specifically on Noyac Road and Majors Path.

I live directly across the street from North Sea Farm on Noyac Road. Because of the volume of cars, trucks and buses (yes, the Jitney travels on this road) traveling at very high rates of speed, I am unable to leave my driveway without waiting for a kind motorist to stop and let me in.

I never see Southampton Town Police enforcing the speed limit. When I travel on Noyac Road or Majors Path, driving the posted speed limit, I always have someone tailgating and occasionally illegally passing me. Where are the traffic enforcement officers?

How is the town going to solve the traffic problems in this area? Have you seen cars and trucks arriving and departing Porco’s Country Deli? I am shocked there has not been a major accident there.

Clearly, the straight paths are turning into speedways. We need some traffic lights installed. Yes, they would change the small-town feel aesthetically, but the speeding cars, trucks and buses have done that already.

John Byrne