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Look Up

On a night that is free of clouds and moonlight, one can see about 4,000 stars. One can see the Milky Way — the galaxy that is home to our solar system and our planet, Earth.

Well, these things can be seen if the sky is free of light pollution, the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light. Light pollution prevents us from enjoying the splendor of the night sky.

So, please look up from your cellphones and turn off nonessential outdoor lights, and enjoy the night sky as our ancestors did.

In particular, give yourself the chance to see the Perseid meteor shower, which should reach peak activity around August 11 and 12. Take a drive to one of our beautiful beaches when it is dark, the later the better, and just look up. Conditions permitting, you’ll see a spectacular show of shooting stars.

James Slezak

Hampton Bays

Mr. Slezak is a member of the Town of Southampton Dark Skies Advisory Committee ­— Ed.