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Looking For Answers

I commend Vickie Bovio, Kevin Lubbe and Carli Simon for their January 30 letter [“Who Knows Best?”]. I agree that the local newspapers are not the best arena to debate vaccine science and safety; however, since this topic is seldom, if ever, discussed on any of the TV news outlets, it can be reasonably assumed that most residents do read their local papers — so their letter, in my opinion, has real value!

There are two very informative books available for educational purposes for any who are asking questions and all who want answers: “Vaccine Epidemic” and “Miller’s Review Critical Vaccine Studies.”

One of my major concerns — and I am not an “anti-vaxxer” — is the delivery method of vaccines. A rattlesnake bite is fatal, but drinking that venom is not, because oral intake must pass through several bodily filters that we all possess. Injected substances automatically affect all the major organs — there are no filters for any toxic ingredients or suspensions used to carry these live or dead viruses.

I welcome any persons with interest to contact me.

Sharon Botto, CNHC

Sag Harbor


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