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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 1990697

Losing Confidence

It is with utter shock that I have heard that Susan Mead has been abruptly removed from her position on the Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board of Appeals [“A Shakeup For Sag Harbor Regulatory Boards,” 27east.com, July 6].

I have known Susan and worked with her and have tremendous respect for her knowledge of law as a land use attorney and her extensive experience in that field. She is an asset to our village and should definitely still be on the zoning board.

To relieve her of her position at this point in our history is most disturbing and destructive. It is my understanding that board members could only be removed for cause before their term expires.

How can I have confidence in a government that gets rid of people in that way with no explanation to the voters? I am extremely upset with the village government and mayor and am losing confidence in the management of our special village.

We as voters need to stay very much aware and ask questions of our officials.

Nancy French Achenbach

Sag Harbor