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Lots In Common

“How to piss off a liberal.”

I pulled up at a traffic light behind a guy in a pickup truck. His bumper sticker said those words in big letters. Here’s what else it said, and here’s what I thought about it:

“Own guns.” I don’t own a gun, but one of my sons does. He’s a responsible man and I have no problem with that.

“Believe in God.” You bet I do. The nuns would be proud of me.

“Love America.” Well, I felt it was my duty to serve in the U.S. Army and was proud to do it.

“Honor our flag.” When we lived in a house, I tacked up the Stars and Stripes on my front porch on holidays.

“Have a job.” I’m retired after working for 39 years.

“Keep your baby.” Of course — I have three great-grandchildren.

“Think for yourself.” I do. Except when my wife gives me an order.

“Support our president.” Well, I did initially, but I don’t support Trump now.

But, look, except for the last bit, our opinions are not different. So why are we, the guy in the pickup, and the Republicans and Democrats, fighting instead of governing?

Let me explain why I can’t support the president. In my old neighborhood, someone who bullied and called people cruel names wouldn’t have had any friends. Trump alienated other countries all over the world, and we may need their support someday. His “tax breaks” gave more money to corporations and the already wealthy. He made friends with dictators who want to harm us. He refuses to condemn QAnon followers who spread horrible falsehoods about Democrats. He mishandled the coronavirus and put all of us in jeopardy. His hotels, clubs and golf courses reaped millions from those who are looking for favors. He is making voting more difficult in places that may be against him, and he is working now to undermine the election in case he loses.

I could go on, but you get the point.

So I hope, with you, that whoever wins the election will build a more peaceful country, comfort the poor and needy, elevate the middle class, and get us working together to solve our nation’s problems.

Jim Marquardt

Sag Harbor


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