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Love It Or Leave It

He refers to the mass shootings. How about the mass shootings that took place under the reign of Hussein Obama? How about all the killings each week in Democratic-controlled Chicago? He and most of his anti-Americans exude so much hatred, they don’t even realize it shows on their faces and in the vile rhetoric they expound.

He categorizes white people as superior to blacks or others. How dare he! He says it’s demeaning, and that his words are directed toward Republicans. I happen to be white and a conservative Republican, and I find this guy to be “off the wall.” I bet if you knew the truth, he is a bigoted hypocrite.

Thank God — oh yes, Mr. Brandt, there is a God — I am very happy to say, I have excellent conversations with all people, black, white, brown, American or from elsewhere on this great big, beautiful globe we call home.

Have a very “nice day”! May God bless America!

John PagacHampton Bays


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