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See The Difference

They say, “If you wait long enough, the ‘truth’ will emerge.” What they don’t say is who will be chosen to be the messenger.

So it was with great surprise that, in a recent edition of The Press, I read a Letter to the Editor by my friend Richie Matula calling out U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin and his fellow Republicans for their poor congressional performance records [“Don’t Deserve A Raise,” Letters, Western Edition, June 20].

Even though it is only six months since Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi took control of the 116th Congress, one can see the difference between the years of Republican Paul Ryan’s nonperformance and Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s dynamic leadership.

I don’t know why Richie would want to write about U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as she has exhibited a far greater grasp and knowledge on current issues than our Lee Zeldin. The only useful programs Lee Zeldin is associated with are those started by our former congressman, Tim Bishop, eight years ago.

Stephen RingHampton Bays


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