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Time To Act

Many times, Supervisor Jay Schneiderman slips out of his office and climbs to the top of the Town Hall cupola on Hampton Road. He is seen gazing toward the west.

Many residents believe he is looking to Hauppauge, thinking of a high-paying patronage position with his friend Steve Bellone. Others suspect he is focused on the Suffolk County Water Authority in Oakdale, another bastion of political patronage. Surprisingly, Jay never sees County Road 39 in his sights. Although his widening of County Road 39 is listed as one of his crowning accomplishments, he no longer mentions it.

Throughout history, certain roads are famous: The Silk Road, the Appian Way and the Oregon Trail are legendary. Unfortunately, County Road 39 has become Southampton’s answer to the Cross Bronx Expressway or the Belt Parkway. Just like the assessment crisis received no attention from the supervisor until I mentioned it, Jay fails to see the dangers on County Road 39.

Instead of searching for a county job, Jay should be demanding the county work to solve this disaster. The trade parade, Hill Station Road, Shinnecock Hills and Shrubland Road will not disappear. The taxpayers are trapped attempting to exit their neighborhoods, and the merchants lose business every day. How many accidents, how many tragedies are required for you to act?

Southampton Town is your “home” and it is also your responsibility.

Greg RobinsSouthamptonMr. Robins is the Republican Party candidate for Southampton Town supervisor—Ed.


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