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Leader Of The World

Another mass murder in the USA, this time in Virginia Beach.

The USA is the leader of the world in domestic gun violence.

I am so very ashamed of our country for our stupid, craven policies that do nothing to stop the carnage.

To be fair, there are many elected officials and others that have tried and keep trying to enact commonsense laws to reduce the number of mass murders in our country. Gabby Giffords is but one hero trying to lead us forward to a rational path.

Still, the National Rifle Association has a stranglehold on most Republican congresspersons (the House and the Senate), so nothing gets done.

Wishing thoughts and prayers to the dead and their families and friends is a hollow, empty and meaningless overture when you fail to act and try to prevent future gun tragedies.

I am old enough to recall a time when Republicans joined with Democrats for the public good. I remember Ike, Howard Baker, Nelson Rockefeller, Jacob Javits, Dick Luger and Gerry Ford, and I studied about the courage of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. I pray that the Republican voters will rise up and reclaim the integrity of their past, not only with respect to sensible policies to protect our citizens from mass murder but in so many other ways.

I urge all Republicans to call and/or write to their Republican congressperson (House and Senate) and put them on notice that they will be voted out of office if they do not write and pass commonsense legislation that will reduce the level of gun violence in our country.

Dick SheehanWesthampton Beach


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