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In Good Hands

In response to comments by Joseph Chiarello, Dick Sheehan and Stephen Ring [Letters, Western Edition, July 4], I submit my own view.

You may quibble over the president’s claim that the economy is the best ever [“Not The Best,” Letters, July 4]. But why bother? It is clearly outperforming anything we have seen in a decade. Employment is at record lows, and college kids graduating can actually find a job. Compared to our recent past, I find an optimism in the world of commerce that we have not seen since Reagan.

Mr. Sheehan is consumed with the optics of this president and his public association with some of the world’s most unsavory leaders [“The Company He Keeps,” Letters, July 4]. He must assume that the president is unable to differentiate between friend and foe. This is ridiculous.

It is essential that our president have close contact with the worst, as well the best, the world has to offer. That is the definition of leadership. Isolation from these bad actors can lead to misunderstandings and behavior that is misinterpreted.

I spend more time studying the president’s actions, not his often unedited comments. I am amazed at his energy and focus on so many of our neglected foreign policy areas and appreciate the dynamic nature of this administration. It has overcome years of inertia in confronting North Korea, China, Russia and Iran. At least for the present, the United States is not apologizing for being the world’s most important participant in protecting freedom and advancing free trade.

Stephen Ring must be delusional if he finds the current Congress performance under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a paragon of effectiveness [“See The Difference,” Letters, July 4]. They have neglected every pressing issue—especially the border funding, which only got passed after the humanitarian costs were too embarrassing to perpetuate. The only activity this Congress seems willing to take on is to waste their time prosecuting the president.

Speaker Pelosi has her hands full dealing with the idiotic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her wildly extreme views that make the management of her majority almost impossible, except when it comes to Trump. To compare the performance of U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is difficult to fathom. Zeldin has served and loves his country, and Ms. Ocasio-Cortez clearly doesn’t.

As the election year unfolds, the crop of Democratic hopefuls are being exposed for the extreme panderers they have become. The more this dedication to socialism, open borders and politically correct fanaticism is shared with America, the surer I am the country is in good hands with President Trump.

Ed SurganWesthampton


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