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The Cost Of H2-B

The Cost Of H2-BHow is the quality of life being compromised in our beautiful community by the missing seasonal laborers? All seasonal small businesses will increase their prices to offset their labor costs. Many seasonal small businesses will reduce their workload to what they can handle with a skeletal staff. Many will close their doors.

What was so incredibly idyllic will quickly become irritating—restaurant wait times unacceptable, coffee shops closed early, lawns and hedges unsightly, and pools unswimmable.

So terribly tragic that the Hamptons will be brought down by the H2-B visa issue. Now, it will be even more expensive, and the quality of exquisite family living and vacations will have evaporated.

We’ll survive summer 2019; however, our reputation will be irreconcilably damaged.

Patsy ToppingSagaponack


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