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Made For Each Other

I’m writing as an independent voter who recently received the following email from Lee Zeldin’s campaign with Donald Trump as the signatory:

“Congressman Lee Zeldin needs your urgent support. He’s working to protect our country against the radical mobs like ANTIFA and many others who are tearing down our statues and destroying our cities. He’s willing to take on the rise of the radical left and their RADICAL agenda, in order to STOP our country from turning into a nation run by a mob.

“Despite facing a HUGE uphill battle against the lamestream media, the radical left, and Nancy Pelosi, Lee and I are focused on taking back the House, maintaining law and order, and firing Nancy Pelosi. I need Lee to continue spearheading the fight against crazy Nancy Pelosi and the Do-Nothing Democrats. Lee is a warrior fighting hard in Congress for his district and our great country, and he’s not ever going to give up.”

This is the president of the United States talking. You can’t make this stuff up!

Zeldin likes to paint himself as someone who works in a bipartisan manner to address the problems that affect the East End. After reading this, I’d ask you to consider two things.

The first is: Are these really the issues keeping you up at night — the fringe element in Antifa, and statues? Not one word of dealing with the coronavirus; helping schools educate students safely; figuring out how state and local governments in New York are going to crawl out from underneath the financial burden of the virus after Trump capped the deductibility of state and local taxes; passing a bipartisan bill to address our broken immigration system that is damaging the fabric of East End communities and needlessly harming thousands of families; how the federal government is going to deal with all of the deficits being run up at record rates; etc.

The second thing you need to consider is whether this is the tone of someone who can reach across the aisle to work with people in the other party to solve the country’s complex issue. I think the words of Mr. Trump on behalf of Lee Zeldin speak for themselves. In his email, Trump refers to Nancy Pelosi and the “Do-Nothing Democrats.” I think he’s getting confused with Mitch McConnell and the “Do-Nothing Senate,” which is sitting on over 250 pieces of legislation passed by the House, dozens of which received bipartisan support.

Trump and Zeldin were made for each other and they deserve the same fate — but the East End deserves better.

Ron Schaefer

Hampton Bays


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