Major New Offshore Wind Farm Proposals Submitted To New York - 27 East

Major New Offshore Wind Farm Proposals Submitted To New York

authorMichael Wright on Feb 19, 2019
Four major wind energy developers submitted 18 different proposals last week for new offshore wind farms of varying scopes that would potentially pump electricity to New York State—including at least... more

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Bathroom poetry may be the purest form of poetry there is. The reader is captive and the work is anonymous, so why not let it rip with what you’re really feeling, utterly devoid of pretension? I had two to assess at the Flying Point Beach port-a-potty on Sunday morning. One was an individual’s frank observation of another individual’s proclivity for performing a specific sexual act (at least I presume it’s not written in the third person; if it was, that invites a whole new level of analysis). The second was more philosophical: “EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE.” This hangs ... 21 Sep 2021 by Tim Motz

Loads Of Toads

I always see toads in the fields. But this year, one field was special — it is loaded with them. I began seeing them in late spring: Little toads, no bigger than an almond, would jump out of my way. Later in the season, I’d often find myself stopping the tractor and waiting as one hopped to safety. Their presence meant I seldom felt alone in the field. But I worry that my industry — the cultivator, perhaps, sweeping soil in deep ridges — might kill them. Depending on the width of the tractor and implement, I get off, catch ... by Marilee Foster

Just A Dream

“LI Home Prices Go Up, Up, Up,” declared the front-page headline in Newsday last week. The article began: “Home prices reached a new high in Suffolk County … The median home price jumped to $535,000 in Suffolk last month.” And that was $10,000 more than what Peter J. Elkowitz Jr., president and CEO of the Long Island Housing Partnership, had said that the average price of a house in Suffolk County had just gone up to ($525,000). He was giving a presentation earlier in the month before Long Island Metro Business Action on “Affordable Housing, Opportunities & Obstacles.” Houses suddenly ... 20 Sep 2021 by Karl Grossman

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Community Giveback Celebration A Huge Success

Peconic Landing’s Community Giveback Celebration on September 12 raised $20,350 for the Greenport Fire Department. Funds were contributed by participants of the 15th annual John May Mile and 5K Race, as well as community sponsors and local vendors. Since inception in 2005, the annual John May Mile and 5K has raised more than $302,000 to support local first responders. According to the Greenport Fire Department, these funds go towards the purchase and maintenance of rescue equipment vital to keeping the volunteers safe during response efforts. This year, approximately 100 participants showed up to either run the 5K or walk the ... by Staff Writer

Risky Choices

Some people swim in the ocean to start their day, others swim to end it. The ocean is a luxury for most, a way of life for a few. In seaside towns, we know about the ocean’s soporific gander, and so, too, its erosive intent. It is never the same and wholly indifferent. It does not matter how good a swimmer you are, it is not advised to swim in rough seas — and yet we do. A current is ripping down the shore; only one person is near the water, a skinny boy in a wetsuit. As he wades ... 14 Sep 2021 by Marilee Foster

Who Is That Masked Man?

It seems strange — no, it seems just plain wrong — that I am wearing a mask more now than I did three months ago. Did any of us really envision, when 2021 began, that nine months later the U.S. would be having over a thousand people a day dying from COVID-19? And with vaccines readily available? Let me reassure my conservative friends about a few things. One, I’ve never liked wearing a mask, and it’s not any more enjoyable to do so now than it was a year ago. Two, I don’t agree with mask mandates, because they divide ... 13 Sep 2021 by Tom Clavin

Making Housing Affordable

With the average price of a house in Suffolk County having now gone up to $525,000 — and the mean price in the Hamptons to $1.4 million — the affordable housing situation in the county has become yet more of a predicament for so many people. “The need for affordable housing has reached crisis proportions,” the county government’s affordable housing website declares. What is being done, what has been done, to deal with this crisis? A program that would help the East End is the Peconic Bay Region Community Housing Act, which for a second time has passed the New ... by Karl Grossman

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