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Make A Choice

Do you want more condos in Southampton Village, with the density of the nightmare subdivision at The Latch on Hill Street, right next to Whitefield, the gold standard of condos? Then just vote For Zach Epley and Kimberly Allan.

Do you want more local streets overwhelmed with traffic from seven- and eight-bedroom houses that have replaced three-bedroom ranches? Just vote for Epley and Allan.

Do you want your last remaining old-time neighbors and your own kids driven out of our village because there is no longer either middle-class housing, like modest ranches and small colonials, or affordable housing? Just vote for Epley and Allan.

Do you want the loss of more open spaces to make room for more developer “masterpieces,” those eight- and 10-bedroom McMansions, which saw a brief popularity under the first Epley rule? Do you want a second Epley rule? Just vote for Epley and Allan.

On the other hand, if you want regulatory boards like the Board of Architectural Review and Historic Preservation, the Planning Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals that represent the village, instead of granting every give-away to every developer, then vote for Joe McLoughlin and Gina Arresta.

If you want your voice to be heard when it comes to the size of houses on small lots, the amount of setback required, and other cherished characteristics of our village, you have two chances to control the village zoning. Vote for Joe and Gina.

The law: Every municipality, including our village, has to have a new Comprehensive Plan at least every five years. We have not had a residential Comprehensive Plan since the one from May 2000, which the Epley zoning code of November 2005 violated.

As trustees, Joe McLoughlin and Gina Arresta will immediately join the other vote favoring the implementation of a new Comprehensive Plan. That plan, conducted with mailed surveys, followed up by telephone interviews, the way the May 2000 Comprehensive Plan was, will spell out precisely what size houses you want on small lots, what new developments you consider in the interest of our village, what open spaces you want to preserve, what character of local streets you find desirable — in other words, you will speak for the way you want the village to look and be in the future. And, by law, the new zoning code has to implement, not violate, this Comprehensive Plan.

If you want your voice to be heard in this village and your preferences for the future look and character of our village to be endorsed, then vote for Joe and Gina.

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law



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