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Marching The Line

Regarding “Zeldin Joins GOP Colleagues In Seeking To Overturn Roe v. Wade” [27east, January 10]: Our representative, Lee Zeldin, is hardly representative of this region. His decision to oppose legal abortion is a case in point.

Despite the facts that 7 out of 10 Americans support Roe v. Wade, and that access to safe, legal abortion saves the lives of women, and that access to family planning has already significantly reduced the rate of abortion in this country, Zeldin sticks with the Conservative Right.

The hypocrisy of the Conservative Right in claiming that the “sanctity” of human life is their issue is a totally evangelical stance. Any human life is precious, not just that of a fetus but of sons and daughters who are sacrificed to wars, or to those who are murdered by states that abide the death penalty.

Right now, Mr. Zeldin is just a political hack in lock-step with the Republican Party line.

Abortion should be rare, safe and available.

Linda Slezak

Hampton Bays


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