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Marionette Presidency

Can any of us say, out loud, that they think our country is headed in the right direction?

If you, as a Democrat with deep disgust over Donald Trump, made the decision to vote for his antidote, you considered old Joe or Bernie to chose from. After the younger options of Kamala and Mayor Pete appeared not ready for prime time, and the best of the lot, Tulsi Gabbard, was abandoned by the hard leftist party insiders, Joe it was. Self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders was defeated for the Democratic nomination. The apparent desire for a centrist Democrat as the cure America needed for its Trump pathology was delivered in an election marred by unsubstantiated claims of election fraud.

But the cure now seems far worse than the original malady. The centrist Joe Biden never showed up. Instead, we got a marionette presidency, with its strings being played by Bernie Sanders and his fearsome band of Socialists who are devoted to delivering a revolution without firing a shot.

The chaos this administration has sown in 3/4 of a year is hard to understate. The fracture of our civil society is deep and dangerous. Average Americans have been whipsawed into tribal opposition to one another.

Parents are at war with progressive school boards. Anti-vaccination, anti-mandate sentiments have been whipped up by government overreach in demands that incited disobedience from otherwise apolitical people. This anger will soon be fed by exorbitant energy costs that could reach $5 per gallon at the pump by this winter.

Border states and their constituents have had enough of the absent Biden border enforcement. Our Border Patrol has been overwhelmed due to the deliberate withholding of resources required to humanely secure an orderly entry process. Presently, our cities are quietly receiving over a million undocumented “guests” that they will have to feed, house, educate and medically treat without any choice. The unconscionable dereliction of duty to secure our border by this administration is deserving of impeachment.

While we are discussing impeachment, let’s not forget the recent international embarrassment our withdrawal from Afghanistan cost the citizens of our nation. This unmitigated disaster that came from the Oval Office, left Americans in harm’s way and abandoned cooperating Afghans who were promised we would not leave them to a vengeful Taliban. These are high crimes by anyone’s definition, and our country’s loss of prestige will be paid for with the lives we will lose trying to regain it.

The midterm elections cannot arrive soon enough. Until then, we will be fed climate change, the insurrection and the $3.5 trillion giveaway away by a complicit media as a distraction from the incompetence that passes for this presidency.

Ed Surgan