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Measured Approach

I’m writing to endorse Bill Manger for village trustee in Southampton.

I have known Bill for many years, and I have always known him to be honest and forthright.

Bill has a gift for getting along with others, and has a measured approach to problem solving that earns people’s respect. When he last served as trustee, he helped to reduce expenses and taxes for the first time in many years, in addition to doing an excellent job with his being in charge of our beaches and the Building Department.

This is exactly the type of leadership we need in the village today.

Bill, with his experience and good nature, will reaffirm the congeniality that Southampton has always been known for.

Our last election was unnecessarily contentious, and I was therefore sorry to read a Letter to the Editor last week bashing three of the four trustee candidates, with the writer not having verified her assertions, especially where Bill Manger is concerned [“Write Someone In,” Letters, June 2]. Whether it’s unsubstantiated claims and erroneous statements in a Letter to the Editor, or an Instagram post, it isn’t constructive to bringing the village together and moving it forward.

There is where I come back to the character of Bill, whose measured approach not only gets things done but brings people together in the process.

Please support the village and vote for Bill on Friday, June 17.

Walter Deane

Southampton Village