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Merciless Tactic

After reading “Shinnecock Pushing Forward With Plan For Discount Gas Station” by Stephen J. Kotz [, September 3], my advice to the Shinnecock Nation is to always be on guard! Read every one of those “public notices,” whether online or printed by the Express News Group. Search closely for any crafty tribal roadblocks inserted by those slick legal eagles.

I can reveal to your tribe that I discovered this past week by reading the public notices what will soon become of the Latino men who came to catch fish to feed their families this past summer. This town supervisor has devised a merciless tactic to thwart the hopes of the fishermen to catch fish.

This supervisor has decided to use the pandemic as a cover and excuse to suspend local laws wherever he wants. I was wondering how he would handle the invasion of these Latino American citizens without causing the nearby residents of the watery dead-ends to sue him. His tactic is political meanness, gaining victory with malice aforethought.

Whereas, by itemizing all the government agencies that allowed this shutdown, he can then use that list to convince himself that he is indeed the “sheriff of great power.” Where he alone will save the town residents from getting infected by these virus carrying intruders from up-island. By making signs with “Permit Required” — much more devious than having signs with “Residents Only.”

My mom from Newfoundland, Canada, would call this politician a “sleeveen.” A nice meaning of “sleeveen” would be “cunning rascal.”

Please, dear Native Americans, read on Page B13 in The Southampton Press of August 27 Emergency Order #7.18 of 2020, “Declaration of State of Emergency.”

Reading this bogus notice, as underlined in The Press, will tell you a lot about this tricky politician. Injustice is very plain in this treacherous state of emergency power grab.

Whereas, in conclusion, and in keeping with current safety protocols, the town will not be providing portable outhouses for either residents or our numerous non-residents.

Bob Dwyer



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