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Messy And Noisy

I am writing to object to a special use permit being issued to the operators of Art Market Hamptons in Bridgehampton. As a resident of the hamlet, I find the preparations for the event are very disruptive, messy, noisy and unnecessary. The event does nothing constructive for our community.

Other locations in the area, such as Sayre Park, would be much more conducive to the event and far less disruptive.

I would suggest the property near the Carvel (commonly used for carnivals), but, frankly, the extensive construction involved would likely be environmentally questionable. For the last two years, they have constructed a temporary road and installed landscaping on the current site.

As I have already indicated, the use of the property for what amounts to a seven-week event is far too disruptive for this quiet residential neighborhood.

Frank Setteducati